Friday, May 31, 2013

Zip tie repairs (!) : on a VK7 with crooked keys AND and an SY55

I don't frequently use zip ties in repairs, however I do believe they can be excellent and versatile tools. There are situations where an original part simply is not available, or cost effective. In those cases, with the customers approval, I have sometimes employed the zip tie with great success.

In this situation, I used a zip tie to secure the keys on an SY55: drilled a tiny hole through the key and used a zip tie to hold it to the chassis. The repair is permanent, sturdy, and the key behaves exactly the same as its neighbors.

notice the zip tie just visible on the Bb key

the other end of the zip tie is in a washer

On the VK7, the bushings tend to wear down, and the keys slide off. Buying new keys doesn't help much, and a new keybed can be pretty expensive. Zip ties between the keys work flawlessly at straightening the keys out, without adding any interference or resistance, and keep the keys on the bushings.. Plus, the metal casing around the keybed makes it impossible for the zip ties to fall off or move around. This is a great, permanent, and effective repair!

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