Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jp8000 Repair: cracked circuit board

Sometimes an apparently tiny crack, like the one on the circuit board of this JP8000, can be a very insidious problem. I repaired this one with regular insulated, stranded, small gauge wires. The hardest part was going through each trace and locating good spots to solder the wires, and keeping everything in order. The board was restored to 100% functionality. It is good to note that on this particular keyboard, when a reset is done, the pitch wheel must be re calibrated: otherwise it will not work and the jp8000 will be out of tune

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The repaired circuit board

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  1. Ouch! Bad crack but nice repair. I'm trying do to the same on mine. My damaged PCB is Panel Board A. It seems that JP-8000's PCBs are not quite resistant.