Monday, October 14, 2013

Midas Verona Soundboard

At, we repair soundboards and mixers as well as keyboards and synths. We do on-site work as necessary, and assure the quality of our work with an excellent warranty.

This particular mixer resides at the Jubilee Fellowship Church in South Denver; an excellent place. This repair was performed on site, due to its large size.

Don't forget a torx screwdriver when taking this thing apart! 

The main issues were the necessity for a thorough cleaning, and deoxidizing. Other issues were the result of some loose ribbon cables between boards, and the most serious issues were broken TRS jacks on the outputs and inputs. On many of the insert jacks, the tip connector was broken off, making the inserts appear to be malfunctioning. It seems that the 1/4" jacks are prone to freeze to the tips of the plugs, and the jacks break when the cable is pulled out.

This unit was in excellent condition after we performed the repair.

These jacks were the culprits in many issues with the soundboard

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