Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Korg MONOTRIBE Mods: individual outputs and BD, SD, HH, SD noise DECAY

On this Korg Monotribe I added the switches and pots to control the Snare Drum Decay, Bass Drum Decay, High Hat Decay, and Snare Drum Noise decay. I also added the 4 individual outputs.

I used the schematic provided here at skatona-electrix , to set the individual decay controls,  as well as the information provided by monomodder , specifically his recommendation to use 3 k resistors in series with the individual outputs.All of this worked great.

One thing I noticed was that the SD noise mod had no effect. Then I realized that there was no SD noise output on the whole unit! I did some checking, first of all my own work, and then Korg's, and went on to find that C51 was loose from one of its pads. See picture 3. I think this was a factory defect, specific to this unit, but it turned a 2 hour job into a 4 hour job!

Anyway, we were happy with the mod, and should anyone be interested I would perform this procedure for 150.00 parts and labor.

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  1. he chris can jou help me with a goed visual aspect because me engles is not zo very wel
    gr bash