Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walking Away From Non-Feasible Repairs

There have been successes and failures in the first week.

I purchased three drum machines for 50, was able to fix two of them with recycled parts within an hour, and they should bring in at least 150 dollars for the two of them.

I acquired a USB interface for less than 50 dollars, replaced the USB connector and did some soldering, and was able to sell it for 140 dollars.

I have acquired for free a Yamaha keyboard, and repaired that quickly, and anticipate getting 200.00 or so for it.

I repaired a dj mixer which cost 50, and anticipate selling it for 125.00.

I bought a monitor for 10 dollars, fixed it, I thought, but it failed after I put it through a few hours of testing . This is the beauty of this business model: I can walk away from an item after it becomes apparent that it's too difficult to repair... and there is no need to call a customer and tell them "sorry, your item died on the bench".

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